With 35 years experience in the Music Industry starting on the Shop Floor Selling Records to Shops to working within the Distribution System to starting Hardback Records, (With Releases now selling Online at a Collectors level to becoming President of George Michael's Aegean Label.

Georgiou decided he would created Hardback Records in 1986 modelling the aspiring new label after “Casablanca Records” of the 1970s, no agenda style, Georgiou decided that would be the standard for Label... (Something that will never change a great song is a great song no matter what the genre.)

Soon after it opened its doors the 3rd single on Hardback Records sold over 1 Million copies.


Georgiou then discovered and signed Producer Peter Lormier to Hardback, and the label began working with artists such as Monie Love, INXS, Happy Mondays, David Bowie, M People, PM Dawn, Elton John and George Michael, to name but a few.


During that time Hardback had the pleasure of working directly with every major Record label including Polydor, Universal, Sony, WEA, Virgin, Rough Trade, A&M, RCA, SBK, Chrysalis, Telstar and EMI records.

Georgiou then become President of George Michael's, Aegean Records and pioneered the concept of online music sales, assisted in technology development with Liquid Audio, and  Released the first online track for sale EVER @99 Pence.

( The Trojan Souls / George Michael, Ain't Know Stopping Us Now )


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Andros also designed and launched, an online fan community that heavily incorporated multimedia components as well as social networking which was, and he humbly states; "WAY ahead of its time".


Andros Georgiou also managed distribution and promotions with major labels (Virgin, Dreamworks, Warner, etc.) and was Media Liaison and coordinated all promotion for Aegean Records.

Georgiou joined The Mezzanine Group PLC & Launched, Beaming Superstar Dj's (Paul Oakenfold) from one venue into multiple clubs around Europe via the Internet. Signing the Top 10 Dance Labels in Europe for they download rights... to build the World's first Dance Music portal for online music sales & streaming.


Artist Consultant & Manager... Currently looking for New Talent... Signed or Unsigned...